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Founder and Coach
Matthew Baynes

Matthew Baynes is an executive coach who's particular emphasis on sales and business growth comes from his vast experience as a sales and business development executive for enterprises as diverse as Fortune 100 companies to start-up's in fields that range from medical equipment and telecommunications to high-technology. 

Matt holds the distinction as the country's top producer in both the contact lens and wireless communications industries during each's emerging growth period.

Matt arrived at his calling as an executive coach after realizing that his personal and professional lives centered around one thing - bringing others to the awareness that they are capable of great achievement if they only embrace change. Whether as the student body president at a SUNY college campus during the turbulent years of the Viet Nam war or as a government sales executive in the go-go 90's he realized that productive change is what sales and performance coaching are all about.


Welcome to True Champions

True Champions, A Firm is a performance coaching and professional sales & marketing solution provider. True Champions' enhances business quality as a key partner in executive leadership, sales enrichment and the strengthening of work communities of all sizes. 

We act to fulfill our mission by serving as an agent of change through a process of discovery, engagement and dialog in which our clients find an answer to their question and launch an implementation that will be enduring and productive.